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Our mission is to provide residents of Gatineau and surroundings an outdoor space designed according to the concepts of design where they can share good times with family and friends and that, while being mindful and respectful of the environment.
To each his own space! is our tagline.  It means that we all need a space where we can fully enjoy life …. our own haven, our oasis just for us!   Mylène Dault, landscape design gives you the opportunity to design this space!


Mylène Dault, landscape designer 

I have been passionate about horticulture and design for many yea_VER8535_retouchérs. During the course of my career, I have learned meditative and calming effects that allowe
d me to design the layout of the landscape of my own home. I also learned to channel my creativity, which has given me some surprising results!

I decided to begin formal studies in landscape design. I am an Ashworth College graduate in “Landscape design” and, I am currently studying Horticulture and Landscaping at Université Laval.


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